Sunday is cold and slow

I started the day fixing the dog’s collar. It needed an extra hole. In the process, I found the right spot for all my tapestry needles, I fixed a mistake on my knitting and I found one pair of the scissors I had lost, my favorite one to carry in my knitting bag, because it has a 3″ ruler on the blade.

The fionna’s hat is almost done. Ears are ready and stuffed, but Isabel wants them a bit smaller, wider and rounded at the end. I’m going to sew them on the proper shape. I also made the back a little longer, to make it easier for her to tuck her hair inside it.

I fixed a few things that were waiting fixing in my sewing room and cleaned up a few things. Almost neglectable.

Watched a bunch of Ted talks on creativity, to see if Isabel would sitck around and get something out of it for her REACH homework.

Isabel finished the daily three that was due last week.

We went for a walk in a park and we found a new trail built by the city. We need to get back there.

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