Away too much thinking these days

I have a bunch of ideas for my book, for future projects and I’ve been struggling to close on a condo in SLC for my children. It’s hard to get anything done when we spend too much time thinking…

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Tesla has arrived!

We are going to pick it up today. I told my husband I could get him at lunch time and go to the dealer with him, but he was thoughtful enough to plan for a 5:00 pm pickup, so we could go with Isabel. It reminded me of another time, when I was 5 years old and I had my tonsils removed. Dad had just gotten a VW microbus and he went to pick me up at the hospital with the brand new car. I was the first of the 5 children to ride on the new car. It felt like I was riding a Ferrari.

I think my dad would have been good friends with my husband.

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Busy Monday

Root canal done, some work done with terrible connection, took Isabel to doctor. She broke her arm indeed. Expected 6 weeks to recover.

I refashioned some pants that were too long, finished Joyce’s headband and helped isabel on her Science homework. Oh my! How teaching of Physics has changed since I was in school…

IMG_5674 IMG_5675 IMG_5676 IMG_5677 IMG_5678

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Adventure time this weekend

We went to visit relatives in Hot Springs, AR with a friend. Isabel fell from a rock and broke her left arm. We visit the Flea Market there and I got one more blue bottle for my collection. I seriously need to finish the display for it. I finished a couple off knitting projects, mended some socks and had a root canal done. ouch!

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That’s how we go about in life.
Not enough honey
To placate its bitter taste.

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Monday was another snow day at school

Isabel got sick, so I don’t think she would be able to make it if she had school.

I worked from home, had full day working on a push notification bug.

Still I managed to refashion two pairs of big mamma size of pants into nice, comfy pants for me.

Good thing was that I was also able to lose 3 Lbs over the weekend. More things were donated or thrown away. I need room for my life.

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Sunday got very cold, with snow

Still I managed to buy produce at Costco to make juices. I also fixed two pair of big mamma pants to fit me. Started on planning the mirror, but I didn’t get enough glass stones. Coffee maker broke again 😦

I have the doll house separated to be converted into a little free library. In the process I threw away a few more things and I also put a couple of things aside for donation.

Rearranged the furniture in the living room to make room for circulation.

I’ll be working from home tomorrow, due to the snow and ice. I’ll see if I can make it to the RISD board meeting about gifted and talented program.

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